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Windsor, located in central Phoenix, is an all American pub style restaurant that boasts a homey but classic elegance. When you are seated, you’ll notice the post modern chandeliers with soft lighting above you, the classic brick walls, subtle art work, leather upholstery, and at the center, the rustic wooden bar with high stools dressed in plaid fabric. The Windsor’s tailored appearance combines a style of contemporary comfort while also romanticizing antique Americana. The Windsor’s intimate, softly lit setting makes it perfect for a first date or an anniversary. In addition to the Windsor’s cozy, romantic interior, there is also outdoor seating in an enchanting scenic patio setting surrounded by strategically planted foliage to hide its guests away from the city-scape that rages on outside. If you get the opportunity to enjoy the outside seating, I highly recommended it daytime, evening, or night, as it is quite a magical experience. Throughout Windsor you’ll see all walks of life, in various dress attire. The choice is yours whether to arrive to Windsor dressed up for a romantic dinner date or a little more casual with the family. 



The food menu at Windsor isn’t the most lengthy, but there should be something for everyone as it is all American fare, including soup, salads, sandwiches, burgers and on occasion, fried chicken and fish n’ chips. Their menu also includes some interesting appetizers including hot dog poppers and fried pickles (our appetizer of choice), a shareable cheese fondue with pretzel bites, apples and sausage, and a variety of stuffed peppers. To whom it may concern, there are also vegetarian and gluten free options!



For our meal, we chose the Backyard Burger which comes in your choice of classic or “Windsor style” (aka with garlic aioli sauce) with a side of fries, and the Pastrami Reuben sandwich with a side of baked mac n’ cheese. Both of which were absolutely delicious. The Pastrami Reuben in particular won me over, as the rye bread had just enough flavor not to be overpowered by the pastrami, and pastrami itself was tender, thick and juicy. Paired with a glass of “Upper Hand” Cabernet Sauvignon, it was a very filling and high quality meal.



Windsor’s drink menu is definitely more generous as there are twenty-six different wines to choose from, and nineteen beers, some draft some bottled. For cocktails, choose from nine unique drink concoctions such as the No. 17 with cucumber vodka, green tea syrup, fresh cucumber and mint, or the No. 22 with house raspberry and blueberry vodka, fresh blackberry and lemonade. Yum!


Churn Ice Cream phoenix

For dessert, you needn’t travel far, as there is an old fashioned ice cream parlour called Churn attached to the restaurant under the same ownership! At Churn you can choose between ten different ice cream flavors on your choice of a sugar, pretzel, or cake cone or in a bowl, as well as sundae and frozen drink creations and fresh brewed coffee. We tried the Madagascar Vanilla and the Vietnamese Coffee flavors and they were fantastic! In the shop you can also purchase various old fashioned candies like candy cigarettes, chocolate coins, and Fruit Stripe gum! As well as retro toys for the kiddos such as pick-up sticks, chattering teeth and whoopie cushions.



The staff was very attentive, friendly and were very good about checking in on us and making sure our drinks remained full and that our meals came out in a timely manner exactly as we ordered them. There was never a time we were left waiting too long when we needed something, and our server even made recommendations to us before we placed our order. As the sun goes down, servers come around to each party to place a lit candle on their table, which I think is such a wonderful gesture and showcases the staff’s endearing hospitality.

The price of the food is fair for the quality, but it is certainly easy to rack up the bill on drinks.  For the atmosphere you get to experience, the friendly and attentive service, and the delicious food and drinks offered, it is certainly worth every penny.


Windsor is the perfect restaurant for American comfort food, trendy cocktails, soft mood lighting, and an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. With the combination of the pub style eatery and Churn right next door, you could certainly spend a whole evening here under the dazzling string lights and lush trees hanging overhead. This is certainly the perfect place for all occasions. Come for drinks with friends in a comfortable booth inside, or begin a love story out on the chic and stylized patio.

For an overall review, I’d rate Windsor a 4.8/5 for its comfortable yet stylish atmosphere, its high quality food and drinks, friendly, attentive staff, and its decent pricing.

  • Atmosphere
  • Food
  • Service
  • Price


Romantic mood lighting and an enchanting patio – 5 stars!
High Quality Food – 5 stars!
Service is friendly and attentive but not overbearing – 5 stars!
Price can be a little more than desired, but matches the quality – 4 stars!

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5223 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012

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