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There is this moment when you are getting ready to go out to dinner when you have this feeling come over you. It is a feeling of anticipation. You are anticipating great food, great company and a memorable experience. This is what gives us a small rush as we head out the door.

I remember the first time going to Olive & Ivy, it was a beautiful night. I had heard quite a bit about this restaurant from numerous people and they always lit up when they spoke about it. I thought my expectations were going to be too high now and I was going to be disappointed. However, as we walked through large wooden doors of the restaurant I was anything but disappointed. The restaurant has a beautifully balanced ambiance. The main floor is not too overly dimmed (I hate when I have to use my cell phone to read a menu) and they have these staggered hanging lantern type of lights scattered throughout the restaurant.





As beautiful as the inside dining area is, if there is a patio, I am on it. We walked through the main area out to their patio and let me tell you it is quite elegant. The atmosphere on this patio almost takes you to another place entirely. You are no longer in the desert, you are in a lush garden with trees overhead and overlooking a flowing river. They did a great job with this patio.

I have been to many restaurants throughout Phoenix. I am always on the hunt for a new and alluring outdoor restaurant. Throughout my search, I have yet to find a better atmosphere and more memorable experience. Olive & Ivy has the number one patio in all of Phoenix.



Now, what would a great atmosphere be without great food? They did not disappoint in this area either. I ordered their Sweet Potato Cannelloni and it is one of the most delicous meals I have ever had. The sweet potato is nice and creamy with the perfect balance of sweet and savory (I ordered this again the second time I went here). I can’t recommend this dish enough.


My overall review Olive & Ivy is certainly 5 stars. It is not only my favorite patio in Phoenix but it is also my number one overall favorite restaurant in Phoenix.


  • Atmosphere
  • Food
  • Service
  • Price


The number one restaurant in all of Phoenix – 5 stars!
Great food – 5 stars!
Friendly staff – 5 stars!
Price point accurately reflects the value. I would pay more to eat there – 5 stars!

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7135 E Camelback Rd Ste 195
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Jared R.

Entrepreneur, family man and lover of food.
Jared R.