Hopdoddy | Best Burger In Phoenix

If you ask who has the best burger in town, expect a quick and simple response: HOPDODDY. I won't give you the top five or how different spots compare. It would be an insult to put this place in a line up with any other. Why? Because Hopdoddy's burgers simply stand alone. Their burgers make Hopdoddy one of the best restaurants in Scottsdale. 




When you talk about an experience at a restaurant it is usually in relation to the atmosphere and surroundings. At this Phoenix restaurant, everything is an experience. From the way you order, having the best tasting beer in Arizona (my personal favorite hefeweizen: Lumberyard Hefeweizen), and even the food is an experience. As you pick up the burger, your fingers sink right into the soft bun. As it tilts towards your face for the first bite, it drips with yummy goodness. This is a place you wish you could never get full at. Highly recommended. 5 stars for food, a great atmosphere and friendly service. Next time you're looking for what to do in Phoenix stop by Hopdoddy. 


  • Atmosphere
  • Food
  • Service
  • Price


While you’re not absolutely wow’d by the atmosphere, it is a very nice and comfortable place to be – 3 stars!
The high point of Hopdoddy is definitely their burgers – 5 stars!
Their service was very good – 4 stars!
Price point is good. I would be willing to pay more for the overall experience I have had at Hopdoddy – 4 stars!

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11055 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

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Jared R.