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If you’ve ever wanted to travel to a fine dining eatery with a woodsy and magical outdoor patio arrangement, Cress on Oak Creek is your destination. Located in gorgeous Sedona, Arizona, Cress on Oak Creek is a fine dining experience that provides the best in breakfast/brunch, lunch and dinner. This isn’t your run of the mill casual eating experience, but rather high quality dining fit for those with a refined palette. The menu is inspired by the finest dishes of France, Italy, Asia, and of course some more common American fare. You’ll get a little taste of the world when you sit down to eat at Cress on Oak Creek. Not to mention, the outdoor patio seating is an absolute dream! Let’s take a walk through what makes Cress on Oak Creek the best scenic patio seating restaurant in Sedona, AZ…

Breakfast and Brunch time is where our journey begins. Whether you’re the early bird or the slightly less early bird, the morning is a perfect time to head over to Cress on Oak Creek. You’ll start your morning with freshly squeezed orange juice, cold pressed green juice, tea or coffee. Then, you’ll have your choice of Belgian Style Waffles, Artisanal Wood Echo Farms Smoked Salmon on a toasted New York City style bagel, or Avocado Toast… just to name a few. You’ll enjoy your eggs and fresh brewed coffee over charming conversation and the sound of the bubbling brook beside your outdoor patio table. The warm morning sun glazes over this scenic view or babbling brooks, trees, flora, and mountainscapes.

For Lunch, you’ll have a hard time choosing between a L’ Auberge de Sedona Burger (Red Onions, Warm Raclette Cheese, Crisp Gem Lettuce, Brioche Bun, Russian Dressing, Served with French Fries) or the Steak au Poivre (New York Steak, Brandy Flavored Peppercorn Sauce, Russet Potato Gratin Dauphinois). We personally loved the Paella de Marisco with Calasparra Rice, Mussels, Tiger Shrimps, Chopped Cuttlefish Tomato, Pepper and Chorizo Sofrito, Crushed Saffron Seafood Broth. Is your mouth watering yet? As a dessert, treat yourself to a Chilly Chocolate Bar or Shivering Strawberry Short Cheesecake. Cress on Oak Creek also offers a variety of high quality beers and wines by the bottle. Take a taste of France, Italy, Spain and Napa Valley! Salud!

It’s time for dinner. 

For your fine dining dinner experience at Cress on Oak Creek, you’ll   experience a seven course tasting menu of delicious provisions such as Fresh Oregano Asparagus Tempura, Cold Smoked Sweet Scallops Crudo, and Salted Caramel Apple Gratin… just to name a few. You’ll get a small serving of each to equal out to a full meal that will satisfy each of your tastes. Enjoy your seven course fine dining dinner under the twinkling stars of the Sedona sky, accompanied by a string lit patio astride a rushing creek.

The scenic view of the Cress on Oak Creek patio is truly stunning and reason enough to make the trip. The sound of the rushing water against pebbles and stones, surrounded by lush trees and flora, transports you to another world likened to a fairytale. The cool Sedona air brushes over your skin as you sip your wine and enjoy the meal in front of you. It’s such a picturesque view, that it’s gained a 4.5 rating on both Yelp and Tripadvisor. People cannot stop raving about the majesty of this Sedona Eatery. It’s no wonder there are over 130 photos from satisfied patrons on Cress on Oak Creek’s Yelp page.

The interior of Cress on Oak Creek is clean, polished, and modern. The color palette is soft whites and grey, with a touch of color from the floral arrangements on each table. From the windows, you can see the forest beyond and breathe in the fresh Sedona pine air. Even if you end up having your meal indoors, you can still appreciate the beauty of nature from inside.

The walls are strewn with beautiful soft colored paintings, with a few statuesque accents here and there. You can sit at a table for two or a larger party in a comfortable candlelit booth. Cress on Oak Creek is perfect for large gatherings or for more intimate affairs. Whether you arrive with just your significant other or your girlfriends, the quality of food and the service are always on par. You’ll enjoy a 5 star quality meal, surrounded by soft, romantic interior, or the natural beauty of the Sedona forest outside. A bottle of bubbly and a seven course meal never sounded so good.

For our rating of Cress on Oak Creek we give it a solid five stars for food quality, service, interior, exterior, patio seating, and price. While the price of the items here may be a little steep, it is worth the experience and the quality of food prepared and drinks provided. For a magical dining experience such as this, the price is more than worth it. So if you’re staying at the L’Auberge de Sedona for a quiet or romantic getaway, happen to live nearby, or simply just want to pay a visit, Cress on Oak Creek is the place to be for fine dining and scenic views.

For more helpful reviews, visit their page on Yelp.

301 Lauberge Ln, Sedona, AZ 86336

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